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Video Effect

For years, we at Erudite Consult VFX have been providing valuable lessons in both real world and experimental techniques that define the very fabric of the Visual Effects Industry. Our training material cannot be found anywhere else because we provide you with knowledge from mentors who have contributed to a number of the most famous movies, advertisements, and media.

We operate based on your participation. Each and every sale funds new lessons and web development. Come be a part of the vfx community and join with thousands of others who have made Erudite Consult VFX their indispensable source for visual effects and computer training.

Course outline for VFX with After Effects N100,000

(Background knowledge with photoshop required)
Effects Apprentice (Basic Knowledge of After Effects)

1. Keyframe basics
2. Anchor Points
3. Graph Editor
4. Creating Organic movements
5. Smooth motion and stop motion
6 Quizzlers and Sidebars
7. Motion Tracking and Null objects
8. Camera Panning
9. After effect objects Masks

Random Effects (Intermediary to Advanced Knowledge of After Effects)

1. Motion Backgrounds for News and Broadcasting
2. Matte Painting
3. Satellite Zoom Effect
4. Stroke effects
5. 3D motion backgrounds and logo effects
6. 3D text effects
7. Using planar trackers
8. Creating a simple explosion
9. Light flickering
10. Luminance Tracking
11. Dynamic Trigering
12. 3D lens flaring
13. Gradient and Night vision
14. Casting Shadows on Life action

Project Flow (Use of two softwares: Photoshop and After Effects)

1. Scripting
2. Preproduction and storyboard
3. Creating Photoshop Assets
4. Staging for required camera footages
5. Animating in After Effects
6. Sourcing for Sounds
7. Compositing and final effects

Course outline for VFX with Maya N100,000

(Background knowledge with photoshop and Maya required)

Maya VFX

1. Propel a rocket through the air using Maya fluid
2. Orchestrate a beautiful flowering cherry tree with nParticles collisions
3. Choreograph a dynamic school of fish with a custom built flocking simulator
4. Use paint effects to create burst of electric energy
5. Grow a beard of bees on a character’s face using nParticles and nCloth
6. Use Maya’s nHair to create a swimming jellyfish with stinging tentacles

Project Flow (Use of three softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya)

1. Introduction
2. Preproduction
3. Creating Photoshop Assets
4. Creating Illustrator Assets
5. Setting up the project in After Effects
6. Creating a layout of the Asset
7. Correcting Colour
8. Apply final touches
9. Getting Sound Track

Course outline for Maya Foundation (Each Module is N50,000)

(No background knowledge required)
Module 1 –
Lesson 1 Primitive;
Lesson 2 Adding Details;
Lesson 3 Shaders and Textures;
Lesson 4 Animation Basics;
Lesson 5 working with Maya;
Lesson 6 The Dependency Graph

Module 2 –
Lesson 7 Polygonal Modeling;
Lesson 8 Polygonal Texturing;
Lesson 9 Skeleton;
Lesson 10 Skinning;
Lesson 11 Blend Shapes;
Lesson 12 Inverse Kinematics;
Lesson 13 Rigging;
Lesson 14 Animation

Module 3 –
Lesson 15 NURBS Modeling;
Lesson 16 NURBS Texturing;
Lesson 17 Rigging;
Lesson 18 Paint Effects;
Lesson 19 Deformers;
Lesson 20 Lights and Effects;
Lesson 21 Rendering.

Module 4 –
Lesson 22 More animation;
Lesson 23 Non Linear Animation;
Lesson 24 Rigid Bodies;
Lesson 25 Motion Path;
Lesson 26 Particles;
Lesson 27 MEL Scripting

Module 5 –
Lesson 28 Render Layers and Render Passes;
Lesson 29 Toxik

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